Michael Pineda

Mitch Moreland Clinton Lumberkings

June 14, 2008: Wisconsin Timber Rattlers @ Clinton Lumberkings Doubleheader

The Timber Rattlers and Lumberkings played a double-header on this date. and it was near the very end of the first half of the season. Clinton needed a win in one of the games to clinch a playoff spot.

In doubleheaders the Midwest League normally only plays 7 inning games. The first game of this doubleheader ended up going 10 innings. The Lumberkings were on the board in the 4th inning, when Mitchell Moreland drove in a run with a double. The Timber Rattlers tied it in the top of the 6th when Maximo Mendez singled, stole 2nd and then 3rd. On the steal of 3rd, the catcher overthrew the base, and he scored. The score would stay like that all the way until the 10th inning. In the bottom of the 10th, Renny Osuna singled and stole 2nd base with two outs. Mitch Moreland walked and finally Jonathan Greene hit a single to win the game. This clinched a playoff spot for the Lumberkings, so they celebrated on the field:

Lumberkings Celebrate

Lumberkings celebrate 1st half clincher

And oh yeah, the Lumberkings starting pitcher in this game was Neftali Feliz. He went 5 1/3 innings. Of the 16 outs he recorded, 11 of them were strikeouts! He allowed the 1 earned run and walked 3 batters. His ERA at that time was 2.24. Here is a photo of him pitching:

Neftali Feliz Lumberkings

Neftali Feliz

The second game of this doubleheader was not as exciting, but did feature another MLB player. The Timber Rattlers won 10-0, and held the Lumberkings to only 2 hits. Michael Pineda¬†was the starting pitcher for the Timber Rattlers, and he had an excellent start. His line was: 7IP, 1H, 0ER, 6K, 0BB. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any pictures of Pineda.

Ironically, both Feliz and Pineda made it to MLB in 2011 and had to have Tommy John surgery in 2012. Both have done really well at the MLB level, both before and after surgery. Feliz recorded 13 saves last year for the Rangers and had an ERA of 1.99. Pineda had a 1.89 ERA in 13 starts last year and is off to a good start this year. He’s 3-0 for the Yankees and has a 3.73 ERA.